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onthewingsofhope asked: Congratulations xx

Thankyou We are very very happy :) Hope you are well! 

bozodope asked: beautiful work lady!



Dear Self,

I have never thought of myself as a photographer or even considered knowing myself as one, but I have always loved to capture life’s precious moments that are impossible to reproduce. And saying that, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity given to photograph a home water birth, a truly rewarding experience and privilege. 

If I could do it all over again, I would opt for a home birth, the deep relaxation, letting go and being so in control of your body is powerful, one of the most beautiful sights I have witnessed along side my own labour days.

This is our birth! By far the most life changing experience I have ever been a part of. Surrounded by amazing people in our first family home together. Exactly how birth should be. These photo’s are the most precious of things, along with the beautiful little lady Kimbah captured, making her entrance to the big wide world. Forever grateful, and so so glad I made the choice to ask you Kimbah. We knew you would do a beautiful job, but your far surpassed even our wildest expectations


Perfection. <3

I am so so very excited… 

Anonymous asked: gott a phone number??

Yep, I throw it on the internet all the time, so just anyone can give me a buzz